Quarter 2, Taraba Success Stories

The Yelwa Progressive Cooperative Union (YPCU) Intervention

The Yelwa Progressive Cooperative Union (YPCU) working in Ibi LGA implemented
Q2 activities in Tudun wada community, Nwonyo 2 ward. During the entry FGD, the
CAT discovered that the community has been without a HF since the one they had
was burnt down in 2015. This resulted to community members travelling far
distances to access health services.
The CAT encouraged the community’s stakeholders to do something about this.
The Community Leader suggested that a building commonly referred to as
FADAMA III building (located within the community) be converted to a temporary
facility structure pending when a new structure will be built. This was unanimously
agreed and the recommendation was forwarded to the PHC Department at the LG
where it was formalized by the Deputy Director PHC of Ibi LGA. A community
member who has a diploma in Community Health also offered himself to volunteer
Images showing UMCN-RHP PO donating the mosquito nets to the Facility In-charge; some of the mosquito nets hung in the facility;
and the newly fixed ceiling fans working in the facility.

in the facility pending when the PHC Department would send a staff. As at the time
of writing this report, Tudun wada community is poised to start enjoying accessible
healthcare as a result of this intervention.

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