Kwara State Success Story

Success Story-Save the Future of Children Initiative (SAFIN)

Save the Future of Children Initiative (SAFIN) is one of the CBOs engaged by ACOMIN to implement the GF malaria CLM project in Kwara State. Some time ago, SAFIN worked in Olorunshogo community, Erin-Ile South, Oyun LGA. The Community Accountability Team (CAT) from this CBO identified that the Basic Health Centre within the community was engaging in open dumping of refuse because it did not have a refuse disposal bin. Knowing that this practice could attract flies and other disease-carrying insects (such as mosquitoes – the vector for malaria), SAFIN sought to remedy this gap.

SAFIN’s Executive Director met with the Director Primary Health Care Development Agency (PHCDA) to advocate that the facility be given a refuse disposal bin. At the time, such bins were being distributed by the State Ministry of Health PHCDA to ensure proper disposal of waste in health facilities. After SAFIN paid several advocacy and follow up visits to the PHCDA on this issue, the facility was provided with a refuse disposal bin. Thus, the GF CLM project facilitated improved sanitation at this health facility.

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