Niger State Success Stories, Quarter 1

Centre for Communication and Reproductive Health Services (CCRHS) Advocates for Effective Patronage

Centre for Communication and Reproductive Health Services (CCRHS)
implemented the project in PHC Elomi, Elomi Community in Gaba Ward of Lavun
LGA Niger State. During the implementation, they found that an issue of communal
crises between members in the community had resulted to negative disposition
from community members towards assessing health care services in the PHC. The
communal clash had led to lack of security provision at Elomi PHC as well as the
facility being abandoned by community members. The HWs were rendered
redundant for about 3 years due to this. This led the OIC of Health Post Fokpo,
Abdulahi Dyadya (who resides in Elomi community) to begin providing services to
clients from his home as a means of assisting and ensuring that his community
members would not have to travel to a distant community before assessing
CCRHS CAT, through continuous advocacy strategies targeted the community
members, leaders, and religious leaders with the aim of ensuring reconciliation and
effective patronage of the PHC ELOMI. The team further advocated to Abdulahi
Dyadya who was rendering services at his home to encourage his patients on the
need to visit the community’s PHC and refer his patients to this HF for services. All
these advocacies were successful, and as at the time of writing this report, the
community members now willingly visit the PHC to access services. CCRHS CAT’s
advocacy efforts in the community also ensured that 2 volunteers now support the
OIC and the other staff that have been with the PHC.

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