Quarter 1, Taraba Success Stories

UMCN-RHP PO donating the mosquito nets to the Facility In-charge

The United Methodist Church in Nigeria Rural Health Program implemented
Quarter 1 activities at Jimlari community, Jimlari ward, Lau LGA where they found
out that the Jimlari PHC has no functional fans. Given that the weather in this
community is mostly hot, this situation discouraged the community members from
patronizing it as they kept complaining of the facility not being conducive. In
addition to this, the facility has no LLIN to be used when patients are admitted in
the hospital.
The UMCN-RHP CAT paid advocacy visits to the Facility In-charge and some other
stakeholders at the community level to discuss these issues. In a bid to contribute
to the welfare of the community members, UMCN-RHP donated 6 mosquito nets
to be used in the facility. Shortly after that, the Facility In-charge purchased and
installed three ceiling fans in the facility. The CAT, ED of UMCN-RHP and the SPO
found these to be working when they went for a follow-up visit at the facility.
Similarly, at the beginning of the implementation of Quarter 2 activities in May 2021,
UMCN-RHP visited Apawa PHC in Lau LGA. Here, the CAT discovered 2 issues. First,
the environment around this facility was dirty, and so was the toilet. The second
issue was that the beds were without bed sheets. They then spoke to the Facility

In-charge on the need to keep the facility clean and on the need for the beds to
have bed sheets.

While carrying out an advocacy follow up visit on the issues later that month, it was
discovered that the Facility In-charge has hired a cleaner who cleaned up the toilet
and the environment, making it neat. The Facility In-charge also informed the CAT
that he contacted the Lau LGA Chairman who donated 30 bed sheets to the facility
for use. As at the time of the follow-up visit, the facility beds were seen to be
covered with the new bed sheets.

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